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Varshesh Joshi


About Varshesh Joshi ... I am a freelance art-director interaction designer from Bangalore, India. My four and half years experience includes working with interactive and print media. I worked as a Web Designer and a couple of Internet firms prior to starting on my own as freelance designer in 2003.
I provide interaction, communication and illustration for print and interactive media under the brand name Shoonya design. I hold a Masters Degree in visual communication design from IDC. I also hold a Bachelors Degree in mechanical engineering. My art has always been a great help in visualizing and creating better design solutions. If it needs to be categorized, my illustration style can fall under the comic book category.
Over the years comic art has seen a tremendous change in art style. The next generation of comics bring great artists, script writers and colourists together. Not just the characters but the entire storytelling is now being looked at from a unique point of view.
I am more inclined towards character design. I like to create my own characters and I sometimes use photo referrals for lightings, postures or clothing. The work usually starts with a series of pencil drawings on paper. The better ones are then inked, using flash or illustrator for their vector format. Artwork is then coloures in Adobe Photoshop.