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Seven Naughty Monkeys

A story by Hema R Acharya

Once upon a time in the jungle there lived many animals who were the best of friends. One day the monkey decided that there was no excitement and that everyone did exactly the same thing everyday. "This is really boring", said the monkey, "I must do something about this". So he came up with a plan.

That night while all the animals were asleep he paid the rhinoceros a visit. He took a can of bright pink paint with him and with a paint brush he painted large spots on the rhino. In the morning when the animals all got together they all saw the rhino and burst out laughing. The rhino could not understand what was going on until the aniimals took him to the lakeside and he peered into the mirror of the water. The rhino was furious and said: "wait until I get that monkey!" The monkey was wise and stayed out of the rhino's way. Soon everything calmed down again and for the monkey felt himself getting bored again. So he thought of another plan.

This time he tied a knot in the elephant's trunk. It took a long time for the elephant to get back to normal. His trunk hurt him for days afterwards and the elephant vowed that one day he was going to get that monkey and teach him a lesson. This went on and on with the other animals and birds. Soon enough they'd all had enough and wanted to teach the monkey a lesson. They held a meeting and came up with a brilliant plan. They knew that the monkey was really clever and that the only way to get him back was to outwit him.

They decided to dig a big hole in the ground and fill it up with bananas. Then they all went and hid behind the trees and waited. True to their plan the monkey passed by the pit and when he saw the bananas he was very surprised. He looked around, but saw no-one, so he ate one banana."That was delicious", he said, "how silly of someone to forget their bananas here. Anyway I don't think they will miss any if I have a few of them", he said to himself. So he started eating the bananas. One after another, after another, after another......... Soon he had finished all the bananas. He was very pleased with himself.

"It's time to go home before the owner of the bananas gets back", he said to himself. When he came to move he tried but he couldn't get out of the hole. He started shouting and jumping, trying to get out. It was no use. The other animals, who were hiding behind the trees, came out and looked into the hole. "What are you doing down there monkey?", they asked. "Get me out!" shouted the monkey. "But how did you get down there?" they called. The monkey suddenly realized what had happened and who was responsible for leaving the bananas. He begged the animals to get him out."Only on one condition", said the animals: "that you will never play such horrible tricks on anybody again". The monkey promised and the animals got him out. The monkey had learnt his lesson and so he stopped playing his tricks, but once in a while he did get up to some mischief which did make the other animals laugh.