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Mohammed Ali

Various displays of artwork have been at the Norden Farm Arts Exhibition Centre, Maidenhead, and Birmingham Art Gallery's Gas Hall. June 5th, to come, there will be a display of canvas prints in the main prayer hall at Aisha Mosque, Walsall, as part of their Discover Islam day. A collaboration with Peter Sanders is currently being organised for Dubai in September 2005.
Mohammed Ali has been busy delivering workshops and seminars throughout the UK which has been featured in the The Times Educational Supplement
  You may have seen the recent screening of BBC1 Generation Mohammed programme, following the artwork of aerosolarabic. Another program on BBC's Heaven On Earth will be screened in June 26th, with an interview of Mohammed Ali, more details will be posted soon.
  For those that have been awaiting You can download the latest catalogue of digital reprinted canvas at
  Finally, we anticipate the launch of a new website in June, which will host the long awaited clothing brand, again we will keep you posted, very soon!

Mohammed is a graffiti artist fusing street art with stunning Arabic calligraphy, replacing street walls with canvas. The results are vibrant and colourful paintings where Islamic tradition meets western urban art.

Graffiti inspired Mohammed to draw and he was commissioned by Birmingham City Council to spray paint murals that reflected the rich diversity of cultures in the city.

It was his rediscovery of Islam however that led to the fusion of graffiti with calligraphy; and the creative development of Mohammed's arts venture Aerosol Arabic. The Quran became Mohammed's primary inspiration as well as the desire to connect with young people.

The fusion of graffiti and calligraphy promotes a message of peace and harmony portraying a positive perspective of Islam.

Mohammed labels his work "Urban Spiritual Art". Mohammed attends all his exhibitions; longer-term aspirations include delivering arts workshops in community settings and with young people.

November sees Mohammed featured on the BBC Desi DNA programme. He has upcoming exhibitions in Birmingham and at Canary Wharf. Aerosol Arabic is also evolving and 2004 has seen Mohammed launch an urban clothesline in the UK with plans to take it International.

BBC piece
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BBC piece
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Moroccan Man
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Alif Laam Meem Digital
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Salam Red
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