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198 Galley

The 198 Gallery seeks to enhance the cultural perceptions of the wider community through the comprehension and appreciation of culturally diverse visual art. It aims to provide a platform for a new and fresh visual art language that represents the cultural diversity of British society and give the opportunity for an analysis and appreciation of this work through interpretation and education.

The 198 Gallery was established in 1988 after the Brixton riots to support the work of black artists by meeting their needs for exhibition space.

The 198 Gallery is now a venue for artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and has gained a profile for innovative issues-based exhibitions and critically acclaimed work in the field of multicultural art education.



Textual Timespace is a series of poetic sound and image installations which
investigate intimate interactions between individuals within the public
white noise of city life. This installation will break new ground in
science-art investigations as the poet and interdisciplinary artist Parm
Kaur, recently featured on BBC 2Œs DNAsia, BBC Radio 3 and 4, creates new
work which elucidates the similarities of scientific and artistic reasoning
on how the passage of time effects our understanding of truth.

Venue: 198 Gallery
Title: Textual Timespace
Start Date-End Date: 1 September ­ 3 September 2005
Launch Event: 1 September 2005, 6.30 - 9.30 pm
Performance : 1 September 2005, 7.30 - 8 pm

Attachment : Textual Timespace Press Release (Word File)
Contacts: Eva Langret
Address:  198 Gallery
                198 Railton Road
                Herne Hill, Brixton
                SE24 0LU
Opens: Mon-Fri, 11-5
Tel: 0207 978 8309
Fax: 0207 737 5315