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Amitabh Despande

I graduated from the Indian Insitute of technology in Bombay, went to
engineering graduate school in the US at UF and Georgia Tech. I also earn my
keep working in the area of digital imaging for biomedical applications in
the  SF Bay area.
What Amitabh says about his work...'I have read and studied Henri Cartier Bresson and he continues to be a big influence in my thinking about photography. I also like DAH, Alex webb,koudelka from magnum amongst the many great photographers in the world( and some lesser known hungarian). I dont really like to say much about my photography, 'let the pictures do the talking.." There is however an underlying philosophy, its basically my attempt to create visually from my life around me, the 'ordinary'.  I use minimal equipment and keep my eyes open. I have tried to use only one b/w film TCN400( primarily because i can get it processed anywhere in the world, and a cheap 100ASa film called 'ultima' by Kodak that i have found in india.
I no longer have access to my dark room since I have been moving from the
east coast to the west and to india  in the last four years.  I take what I
can get. I do not do any major processing using photoshop, what you see is
what I saw.( I do not crop, do not not clone or edit any part of the image).

G 2

(JPEG, 10 Kb, 304x205)
Two Men
(JPEG, 14 Kb, 304x205)
(JPEG, 14 Kb, 303x205)
(JPEG, 10 Kb, 301x205)
Blue Balloon
(JPEG, 20 Kb, 301x205)
(JPEG, 17 Kb, 301x205)
Animal Prints
(JPEG, 8 Kb, 300x205)
(JPEG, 14 Kb, 304x190)