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SHADIEAST was formed in 2002, and began as a community music project. Sitar and tabla classes were offered to all on a weekly basis. These classes continue to thrive. After our first year a collaborative performance group was formed with the support of Awards for All Funding bringing together two cultural traditions classical Indian music and western ballet. Four successful performances were given. Our aim was to build cultural bridges, yet show the diversity of dance and music that is the heritages of these two countries. More importantly, we hope to show how, with understanding and sensitivity that they compliment each other. All the musicians and dancers were solo artists, in their own right and all felt the experience of working together was an enriching one. SHADIEAST continues with the community music project. These are open to all age groups and all abilities in sitar and tabla. With the aid of our tutors SHADIEAST has now formed a performance music group. We are asked to play both with professional musicians and to community and charity groups.