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Amrita Pritam Performance in London

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Following the success of the Loughborough performances, the group of Loughborough University students were invited to perform at the most prestigous of venues. The Nehru Centre on South Audley Street in London! The performance date was Thursday 16th of February and the students travelled by train, with the support of the University for an early start in London.They rehearsed all day to perfect their performance to a high standard, for this most noted of audiences. The Director, Dominic Rai of Man Mela theatre, cajoled them all day to perfection. At 7.30pm the curtains went up in this fabulous old building to a packed house.The evening commenced with a stirring rendition of Amrita's 'Ode to Waris Shah' by Kailash Puri. The students then went onto express 'Flower of your promise', 'Pinjar', "Khatun' and 'Toon Naheen Aaya' All the performances were very well received by an audience of over seventy people, many who knew Amrita personally. The performances were then followed by a reception provided by the Nehru Centre, where Dominic and the students were available for a discussion.

Probably the most valuable outcome of the Amrita performances was the comments made by the students themselves. All of them enjoyed the process of researching, rehearsing and finally performing Amrita's work, some of which is reflected in these comments.