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Amrita Pritam Adaptation


The Amrita Pritam Adaptation took place following a collaboration between Loughborough University, Loughborough Library, Dominic Rai and the Kala Kahani Project. Dominic Rai, who has worked with us before on the Bloodstone Project, elicted our help in finding a venue for a group of 15 Loughborough University students studying a module on North Asian theatre, who he was working with. The students had chosen to study the life and works of Amrita Pritam, who died recently, and perform their own adaptation of her work. Two venues were decided upon, the Shree Ram Krishna Community Centre in the afternoon and Loughborough Library in the evening. The performance at the Library was followed by light refreshments and a discussion with Dominic the Director. The performances by the students included pieces using dance, drama, multi media and the spoken word. Excellent attendances and feedback was recorded at both venues. The subject matter of Amrita's work is very challenging, and the audience seemed to find that too. Overall an excellent day which everyone enjoyed.

Dominic and students

Performance goes to London.....!

Following the success of the performances in Loughborough, the students have been asked to perform at the Nehru Centre in London on February 16th 2006. I am so unbelievably pleased for them... Dominic is enlisting the help of more professionals to 'polish' up the performance for such a prestigious venue, but I'm sure it will be great! If you fancy coming along with me to London on the 16th... give me a call at the office. Rebecca (01509) 821035