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Dead End Street

Kirti Joshi, one of the Writers Development Programme has already achieved great things in winning a prize for the Penguin Decibel Award and is being supported by Penguin to write her first novel, her energy is tireless in that she has now written another play, following the success of 'No Fixed Abode' which Kirti directed. She has now written and will be producing and directing this great new play highlighting the issue of homelessness.

Kirti says 'Dead End Street is about the homelessness and the reasons that people become homeless. All the proceeds will go the Bridge charity that feed and clothe homeless people. All the actors are either homeless or ex-homeless.'

'As a volunteer at the Dawn Centre I already directed 'No Fixed Abode' and because that was so successful I decided to write, produce and direct another production but this time I wanted to involve all the homeless people in Leicester, not just the Dawn Centre. Can you tell as many people about Dead End Street as I'm trying to get as much publicity as I can because I'm trying to raise awareness about homelessness as I believe the problem will get worse.'

'Dead End Street' is being shown at The Nationalist Spiritualist Church on Vaughan Way in Leicester. Sat Dec 18th at 7pm