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Biography of Doctor Karim

Dr Karim is a well respected writer of Urdu fiction. He has published two novels Garm Din (Hot Days) and Doctor Banerji ki siasi tabahi (The political Demise o Doctor Banerji,) as well as Giglo, a volume of short stories. His other works include Ruashan Khiali Ki Fikri Asas ( The Philosophical Basis of Enlightenment), a book about the evolution of humans and the Universe. Cinders in the Wind is the first English translation of Dr Karim's Urdu stories originally published under the name of Do Shaa'khain Lachaktee Ho'i.

Cinders in the wind is a beautiful and evocative collection of tales from a master story-teller. The east coast of Scarborough provides the backdrop for most of the tales in this collection, in which the characters, both Asian and English, find themselves caught up in the struggles of self-identity, loss and loneliness, love and sex.