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Janet Moses

Janet Moses is an Indian figurative mixed media artist currently residing and practising in the UK. She obtained a BA (Honours) in Fine Art from Howard Gardens School of Art UWIC. Her paintings depict the glorius nature of the human body, and her main intention is to get the observer to experience the feel of a sculpture when one looks at her paintings. Janet's fascination is with the body, density of the skin, muscles and shadows. The creation of the paintings is very 'hands-on', the body has to be moulded to obtain a rough tactile surface and the colour is finally tinted with her fingers, this creates a stone sculpture but on canvas. The figures stand out on their own without any disruption from the ground, enabling the observers eye to linger through the rough figure and absorbing the intensity, the slight movement and shadows.

(Document, 20 Kb)
Woman's Back View
(Document, 26 Kb)
Bum on Purple
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Curved Back Woman
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Hand on Gold
(Document, 23 Kb)
Men Wrestling
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Reclining Bum
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Standing Bum
(Document, 20 Kb)
Woman Kneeling

Janet is currently seeking exhibition space for her work.... She can be contacted at