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Junior Desai - Music Artist

Junior, at only 22 years old is already a natural born performer & has been writing music since the age of 13! He is an MC, producer, rapper and all around self-confessed musical genius.
He self pens songs across all types of urban and dance music, including house, grime, and r ’n’b, but these genres do not describe the sound that Junior has produced to its full potential. He is so fresh and unique and his music will make you want to turn up the volume and hit the dance floor.
For Junior, his music is an expression of his mixed heritage, Also influences coming from the Caribbean, Africa, India and Britain which has given him a unique insight into both music and cultural issues which he explores through his songs, to bring you a fusion of hard beats, style and songs you won’t easily forget!
Junior started to road test his music at amateur performances at the age of 16, where he realised that his individual style had a big appeal to young audiences. Since then, the interest from the commercial market has escalated and Junior decided to go back to the drawing board and has now recorded in excess of 20 tracks across the urban and dance genre in preparation for his debut album. Junior also has the rare ability to play music by ear so has also co-produced his own beats too. We could write the usual life story struggles about Junior, but you don’t need to read about the dark days just listen to the musical inspiration it has given him to produce amazing tracks that will top the charts and fill the dance floor.
Junior will be working with our young Asylum Seekers and Refugees Project on Feb 28th to show them how to write their own lyrics and put them to their own beats!

Rapping Workshop with Dreamers Project

On Wednesday 16th March, Junior hosted a rapping workshop for the particpants of the Dreamers Project. The Dreamers are normally based at Mountfield Lodge in Loughborough and take part in different creative projects to help them integrate into our local community and improve their language skills. The 'Dreamers' are a group of young men who are asylum seekers and refugees mainly from Afganistan and the Middle East. For this project, they worked in partnership with 2Funky Arts in Leicester and made use of their great music studio and equipment. Junior worked with the participants to create their own lyrics and beats, which were then demonstrated to the whole group, Junior then gave an impromptu performance to the delight of the participants!