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Jyothi Karthik Raja

Jyothi Karthik Raja is a photographer from India who loves to travel. He along with his wife Shwetha have travelled across India and are passionate about promoting the beauty and culture of India.

India has a million different aspects but most photographers concentrate on the poverty, and the lack of infrastructure in some areas. While this brings attention to the plight of downtrodden India, this isn't a true representation of all that is India. India is an economically powerful and developed nation and Karthik and Shwetha believe that India's heritage,culture, art, architecture, natural beauty and growth is what should really be portrayed and will draw more tourists to the country.

In their effort to draw attention to Incredible India, they have started a website,, that serves up some of the most beautiful photos of India along with travelogues and tons of information on each location.

Just look at these....

(JPEG, 14 Kb, 299x450)
Qutb Minar, Delhi
(JPEG, 35 Kb, 299x450)
Amber Palace
(JPEG, 29 Kb, 299x450)
Acrobatic Dancers
(JPEG, 17 Kb, 299x450)
Golden Temple
(JPEG, 24 Kb, 450x299)
Farming at Pragpur
(JPEG, 28 Kb, 450x299)
Rock Carving
(JPEG, 17 Kb, 450x300)
Himalayan Mountains
(JPEG, 25 Kb, 450x299)
Nahargarth Fort
(JPEG, 24 Kb, 299x450)
Woman with one slipper
(JPEG, 20 Kb, 450x299)
Taj Mahal