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'An Evening with Kiran Desai'

We, at Kala Kahani are unbelievably pleased for KIran and offer our hearty congratulations on her winning the Booker Prize. We were fortunate enough to host an evening with Kiran on 31st August, only days after she was short listed for the Booker Prize. The evening was borne of a collaboration between Charnwood Arts Kala Kahani Project, Leicestershire Library Services and Penguin Books India, as part of a summer campaign to promote novels by South Asian Authors. During the event at Loughborough Library, Kiran gave a very animated reading, answered numerous questions and then signed copies of her new novel 'The Inheritance of Loss' for members of the audience. After the event Kiran was 'Guest of Honour' at a local Restaurant where she spoke at length about her work to a fascinated group of fledgling writers. The evening was a huge success and considering Kiran's recent victory, we feel even more honoured to have spent a wonderful evening with her.

Kiran with Kerry (Leics LDO)