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Mehreen Humaira

Mehreen Humaira is young budding poet, still at secondary school in the Midlands. She has an amazing talent for writing and shows real potential. More of her work can be seen at
In particular I liked this poem and it is very appropriate at the moment....

Faith, hope, Patience

Dedicated to the people in the Pakistan earthquake.

- - -

Despair, desperation,

An overwhelming sense of dread,

People fall to their knees in disbelief,

As people lay around dead.

- - -

Mangled bodies, distorted faces,

Bruised, bloodied and unrecognisable,

Crushed limbs and paralysed expressions,

The pain and the suffering is undeniable.

- - -

Living happy humans have become this,

A species of wounded forms,

Decaying in the swirling wind,

The results of hurricanes and storms.

- - -

Is this yet another test God has sent down,

To see how well his creation will cope?

Or is it a punishment for the disbelievers,

To teach them to have faith and hope?
- - -

Is it just the result of human evil,

As it spreads around the world, worse than ever?

Or is it the beginning of a new Earth,

Where everyone will be united together?

- - -

So many questions, yet very little answers,

We can only have patience and wait,

These crushed bodies can be recovered and buried,

Everything is written in fate.

- - -

We must have love and right the wrongs,

And smooth out all the creases,

Have hope and faith and be cleaned inside out,

As we fix together all the pieces.