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Rangoli Magazine

It had always been the intention of Kala Kahani to produce an online magazine. At the end of April 2008, that became a reality! We were fortunate enough to have the services of two very willing volunteers, Raakhee Modha and Nalini Solanki. Raakhee very ably slipped into the role of 'Editor' with Nalini as research assistant. They interviewed writers, photographers and artists, gathered articles, and enlisted the help of the very talented photographer Kajal Nisha Patel. (see The first Edition includes interviews with Preethi Nair, Shahrukh Husain and Shiromi Pinto as well as spotlights on our own writers Kitri Joshi and Safraz Ahmed. After 3 months of hard work, long nights, endless proofreading and editing 'Rangoli' was born! Here at Kala Kahani we felt like we had had a new baby.... eagerly we awaited feedback after the online launch. Within days we were overwhelmed with positive responses about the magazine. 'Great insightful articles' 'Terrific!' 'well written...' just to mention a few comments that were made. Over the past 4 months the magazine has been downloaded in excess of 3000 times. The magazine was of such an excellent high quality that we felt it deserved to be printed to make it even more available to readers. So, from the second Edition it will be available in print as well as online.

We are now in the throes of producing the Second Edition, we are gathering articles, interviews, short stories, poetry and travelogues. If you would like to contribute contact our Editor at

Rangoli 2

Following the storming success of Rangoli 1, we felt invigorated to get on with Rangoli 2. This time it would be designed as 'print ready' too (although I didn't know at this point where we would find the money to print it!) Never the less, Raakhee and I embarked on the next edition. As with the first edition, after we put out an internet appeal we were inundated with submissions for the next edition. Four months later, after late nights, alot of hair pulling and breakdowns.... Rangoli 2 was launched. Such was the response to the first edition that as soon as the second one was launched, the number of downloads just escalated with over 7000 downloads in the first few months. We were just astounded as well as very impressed. Rangoli 2 contains some excellent articles with a spotlight on the Darbar Music festival, the sitar virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee and a great piece on Bangladeshi folk music. There is also a stirring collection of poetry and a superb feature on traveling photographer Prantik Mazumder. We also managed to find the money to have a limited number of copies printed, in print it looks even better! Please do contact me if you would like a printed copy.
So, now onto Rangoli 3....... Any submissions, comments, questions, feedback would be appreciated.