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outwoods family day project

Earlier in the year we were approached by Charnwood Borough Council to partner them in an initiative called "Access to Nature." This project sought to encourage people from our more diverse communities to take advantage of and enjoy our green and open spaces, in particular the Outwoods, Beacon Park and Jubilee Woods. The project hoped to focus on people from the ethnic minority communities, the more disadvantaged groups across Charnwood, people with disabilities and asylum seekers and refugees who are largely unrepresented in visiting and enjoying the open spaces. The issues that prevented our target groups from visiting were discussed at length and would be addressed. These included, lack of knowledge of the area, transport problems and a misconception of whom the woods are for.
We have a good working relationship with Rendell Primary School whose children and families fall into this criteria. After discussions with Rendell it was decided to develop the project with the help of our inhouse storyteller, Hema Acharya who went into school for 8 weeks in the run up to the family day in June 11th. Hema's sessions about creepy crawlies, myths and legends and the natural world were hugely popular and resulted in us being doubly over subscribed for the family day! Instead of 60 parents and children we had 110 who wanted to come along! So, we laid on more activities and doubled up the coach run to try and accommodate everybody.
Saturday June 11th brought a lovely bright sunny day and hoards of excited children and their parents. With the help of the Borough Councils designated Access to Nature officer, Karen Fry, we put on a range of activities including a sensory walk, den building, memory boxes and cave paintings. The children also took great delight in running around, climbing trees and enjoying the natural woodlands. All of them said they would come again!

Outwoods Family Day Project

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Storytelling tree
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Hema our storyteller
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Memory Boxes
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Finished Memory Boxes
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Den Building
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Cave Painting
(JPEG, 51 Kb, 450x337)
Climbing Trees!