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Fri, 28 Jun 2013 1:45pm
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Priya Chauchan

"Artist Priya Chauhan draws inspiration from material innovation and texture. As a Textile Design graduate from Nottingham Trent University- fabrics often play an important part in her artwork. Working in various media; such as collage, photography, embroidery, the artwork has a contemporary feel due to the unusual combination of techniques.

Priya’s recent ‘Goddess’ exhibition at the City Gallery in Leicester focused on female deities, the supernatural and Hinduism. Influences and inspiration come from nature, colour, texture, fabrics and experimenting with unusual techniques and materials. Fascinated by Feminism in art; Priya challenges peoples perceptions of contemporary art and strong female images. The exhibition showcased nine mixed media art pieces using materials such as bindis, rice, bangles, as well as more traditional methods. The combination of techniques result in very intricate works of art. Drawing and research into Hindu Mythology is the basis of the development of imagery.

Forthcoming exhibition “Stream of Consciousness” will use a personal journal as inspiration. Digital technology will combine text and imagery to create multi-layered prints. This series of work shows a new phase in Priya’s art- exploring the relationship between the written word and visual imagery.

Priya also designs and sells one-off jewellery under the label “Funkique“. Widening the customer base by selling on Ebay, and on there is a growing popularity among people who value individuality. Please contact for more information."