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Sohan kailey

The colourful, exciting physical art of Bhangra

bhangra dancer

Bhangra is a cultural folk dance originating from the Northern state of India called the Punjab. Punjab, also known as the ‘Land of Five Rivers’ which contains some of the most fertile land in the world. The history of Bhangra can be traced back to the early 16th century, when the farmers of Punjab used Bhangra to celebrate the annual harvest festival called ‘Vaisakhi’.

Bhangra is a fast and exhilarating dance that utilises live musical accompaniment including traditional folk songs and drumming from the ‘Dhol’. The choreography reflects the daily activities of the farmers at work and the celebrations at harvest time. Now Bhangra dance is performed at numerous events from Harvest Festivals, Melas, Community events, educational establishments to private parties and corporate events