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Water and The Sacred
a photographic exhibition by Claude Renault
Tiruchendur: Woman With A Yellow Sari
Patna: Sleepy Sadhu
Vaitheeswarankoil: Siram
Tiruchendur: Tired Pilgrim
Haridwar: Babu
Hardiwar: Pilgrim Offering
Haridwar: The First Bathing

Water and the Sacred
a photographic exhibition by Claude Renault

A chance encounter through an international photography website has led to an exciting new exhibition at Charnwood Museum throughout the month of September. The Charnwood Arts based Kala Kahani project originally made contact with French photographer Claude Renault through the well known
TrekEarth website.

Now residing in Iceland Mr Renault is known around the world for his photographs from across the Indian sub-continent.
The photographs depict the importance of water and the sacred in the everyday life of India and invite the viewer to develop an insight into a world which operates in very different ways from our own relationship to this essential element.
Inspired by painters such as Gauguin and Filiger, Renault’s images use the colours of India to maximum effect presenting us with the ‘other side’ – not the tourist pictures or the more sordid possibilities but of a joy in Indian life.

© 2005 CHARNWOOD ARTS and KALA KAHANI. All photos by © Claude Renault. Graphic Design and website by GATAFUNHO, © 2005