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Sandfield Primary School Course

Advanced Course

Storytelling Programme

Our Storytelling Programme began on Tuesday 19th September at Rushey Mead School. The Course Leader Hema has shown the eight regular participants, techniques for successful storytelling. She has made it fun and interesting and the participants after only 6 weeks have gained in confidence and skills. The Course has been devised for anyone with an interest in South Asian storytelling or from the South Asian community. The participants have learn't about family stories, cultural traditions and children's stories. They have also learn't how to engage with their audience through body language, projecting their voice and confidence in their abilities. Creative writing has also been part of the Programme to encourage the participants to be able to create their own stories from story bags and pictoral prompts. below is an example of some of the excellent work that has been produced. A second programme will be starting in early 2007, if you are interested in a place I can be contacted at the office on 01509 821035.

This piece was the result of all the participants been asked to contribute words to a series of lists and then a story is created from the allocated list. All the participants managed to write a super piece!

Ashika stands close to the old cooker thinking happy thoughts of her old school friend. She grips a baby pink towel which was given as a gift, from her friend almost ten years before. At last, she thinks my friend is coming to see me after such a long time. The towel is worn out. It is used to wipe her sweat. Cooking dhokra was a lengthy job but a worthwhile one because it was her friends favourite food. 'What time is it?' She thinks, almost one o'clock. She doesn't want to rush but needs to be at Leicester Bus Station for 3pm. Neel hits her playfully on the leg with a piece of lego. Neel is six, her friend has never seen him. She thinks 'those big black eyes, oh... my friend is going to love you as much as I do....'

The pilot course was a huge success! All the participants thoroughly enjoyed the course, which resulted in a certificate for its successful completion. The participants, during the 10 weeks wrote their own stories, which were illustrated for them and made into a book, told stories to each other and took part in a radio show, which they all admitted they would never have been able to 10 weeks earlier. The photographs below show three of the participants and the Course Leader Hema.