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The Rag Pickers Exhibition

On Thursday 22nd July, Kajal Patel launched her photographic exhibition at the LCB Depot in Leicester. The exhibition contains numerous photographs of her time within the Rag Picker community in India, Kaj has named her exhibition 'Satyaprakash' meaning the 'light of truth.' For Kaj, her time and work with this community of mainly women has had a profound impact on her life and work. Through her astounding photography she manages to capture the very essence of the futility of their poverty stricken lives. Kaj is not just another 'drive-by' photographer seeking fame and fortune through the desperate plight of others, but has now embarked on a tireless journey to raise awareness of the communities living conditions and assist them however she can. After long discussions with Kaj, Kala Kahani decided to have Kajs most poignant photographs reproduced on foam boards for this special private viewing. The exhibition can now be viewed by the general public until the 6th of August. The purpose of the foam board prints is to make them far more available and accessible to more schools, colleges and community groups. The foam boards are light weight, can be easily transported and are hard wearing. There are 20 prints in total measuring 20" x 30" inches each. Anybody who would like to host the exhibition for up to a month can do so free of charge, the only thing we ask is a small charge for Kaj's time when she comes to talk about her work to your students/colleagues. The subject matter also fits in with the National Curriculum at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.
Needless to say the launch was a great success with in excess of 50 people attending, we have also already received one firm booking for the exhibition and two enquiries.... one of those from a Gallery on Bond Street in London..... watch this space!
For more information or to book the exhibition please call Rebecca on 01509 821035

Rag Pickers Selection

(JPEG, 22 Kb, 450x300)
In the Heat of the Day
(JPEG, 22 Kb, 300x450)
(JPEG, 27 Kb, 300x450)
Brotherly Love
(JPEG, 22 Kb, 450x300)
Off Sick
(JPEG, 24 Kb, 450x309)
(JPEG, 27 Kb, 450x300)
Road Sweeper
(JPEG, 24 Kb, 450x300)
(JPEG, 29 Kb, 299x450)
Play Time
(JPEG, 24 Kb, 450x300)
Saving Starts Here
(JPEG, 24 Kb, 279x450)
Crowded House