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Water & The Sacred

Water & the Sacred was a photographic exhibition by the renowned Claude Renault. It took place in September and October 2005 in both Loughborough and Nottingham. It is hoped that the work, which is accessible from the homepage will inspire you to write a few words...Claude Renault now resides in Iceland, he is known around the world for his photographs from across the Indian sub-continent.
The photographs depict the importance of water and the sacred in the everyday life of India and invite the viewer to develop an insight into a world which operates in very different ways from our own relationship to this essential element.
Inspired by painters such as Gauguin and Filiger, Renault’s images use the colours of India to maximum effect presenting us with the ‘other side’ – not the tourist pictures or the more sordid possibilities but of a joy in Indian life.

The first pieces of work I have had submitted, is by one of our Writers Programme participants Meena Vyas.

Meena Vyas

Colour of Water - Part 1: Nature – a poem

What colour are you, Water?
Mix me in anything and I become that colour!
I change with seasons
I change with the weather
I change in the light

Add orange squash and I am coloured orange
Fill me in a red coloured glass and I am red
Stir coffee or tea in me and I am brown or black
I look green with vegetation under me
I look blue with nothing under me, except the canopy of the blue sky
Otherwise I am pure and clear

I look dirty, ugly, dull and smelly
When MAN dumps all his dirt, waste and burden on me
I am polluted
I take my revenge with disease and death
No one can touch me then

See me in my natural environment
Respect me
Care for me
Love and nurture me
I will return three fold
My freshness
My coolness
My beauty
Keep me pure, clean, clear and fresh
I will break your thirst and keep you in health

Lets be partners in the creation of natural harmony
You will see my beauty…
In the flow of a waterfall, a stream, a river, sea or an ocean
I will give you sense of peace
I will cool you or warm you
I will transport you
Give me space
I am the colour you make me!

Summary: Water the most wonderful life giving source
Colour of Water – Part 2 : the beauty

Naked, clear and pure
Translucent is the true colour of me
I can,
Come and touch me
Immerse in me
Relax leisurely and have fun with me

I can mingle everywhere and anywhere
To bring beauty - Shh!
Listen to the magical sounds
Bringing sweet relaxation and stress relief
Wonderful audible sound that’s music
The beauty of nature's gentle composition
Babbling, whispering, hissing
Discover it in the waterfalls
In the stunning fountains
Or water features
Man made or natural

I am holy and precious
As in the waters of
Ganges and the Dead Sea
I am the blood
Running through the veins
Of the Mother Earth
I run mingled in your blood to give life

I nourish
So beauty can flourish
In trees, flowers and plants
Which, in turn nourishes
All that exists

The colour you see, yet not see
I mingle everywhere and anywhere
See that’s my beauty
I am the root of all that’s beautiful

Summary: Nature can bad and cruel

Colour of Water – Part 3: The Cruel strand

Blue, green or clear water
Mesmerising beauty
Hides demons of cruelty

Black, diseased with death
Camouflaged with sweetness
Disguised as slow death
Scotch, Beer, Wine,
Whiskey or Vodka
Consume with addicted passion
Will claim your life
For you see, nothing is free
When cruel greed is alive

A deceptive mirage
Enticing, beckoning for a cool swim
Hiding my depth
Claws of deepness
Which capture, entraps, and drowns?
Death is the end result

Furious with nature’s swings of mood
Heaving high into waves
Severe flooding, tidal waves - tsunami
Are the bitchy names
A bitch I am indeed
Engulfing countries, civilisations
With ravenous rage

Yet I am a necessity
For I have the power
To give life or death
I control all
In Living and in death
That is the colour of me
At my cruellest